Sonny Maurice Hedgehog
Biographical information

15 (Born on day 162, 3220)

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • The Sneak
  • Blue Blur
  • Rodent
  • Blue Hedgehog
  • Knight of the Kingdom of Acorn (formerly)
  • Hero of Mobius
  • Gentleman-at-arms


Physical description


  • Height: 70 marks
  • Weight: 7.2 stone
  • Fur: Blue
  • Eyes: Black/Dark Brown
  • Skin: Peach
  • Light weight, hyper friction resistant red shoes
  • white gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Super speed
  • Spin Dash
  • Super Sonic
  • Enhanced strength and reflexes
  • Intangibility via self-molecular vibrations
  • Accelerated healing powers derived from Power Ring energy absorption
  • Piloting skills
  • Chaos based powers
Notable Super Forms
Sonic: Otherwise known as Sonic the Hedgehog, the blur of blue with an attitude, and the hero of Mobius. He's quick of wit and fleet of feet. Whenever the peaceful world of Mobius is threatened, he's the hedgehog to call. He can spin dash any 'bot to pieces and eat more chilidogs than you can count in a blink of an eye! Sonic has always helped the Freedom Fighters, but it's personal since Dr. Robotnik kidnapped his beloved Uncle Chuck.


Orphaned at an early age, Sonic grows up in the forest of the Green Hill Zone and falls in with a clan of rambunctious animal friends. His friends teach him all the tricks they know. From Johnny Lightfoot (the rabbit), Sonic learns how to outrun every other creature in the forest; from Sally Acorn (the squirrel), he learns how to jump incredible distance; and Porker Lewis (the pig) teaches him to fear fire. Flicky the Bluebird influences Sonic with her happy, fearless, approach to life; Joe Sushi (the walrus) shows him how to dive and swim underwater; and from Tux (the penguin), Sonic picks up the skill of finding air bubbles underwater.

Most important of all, Chirps (the chicken) inadvertently helps Sonic develop the technique for his Super Sonic Spin Attack. As Chirps is learning to fly, he tumbles head over heels out of the nest. Sonic teases Chirps by imitating him, but as he tumbles, Sonic builds up so much speed that he becomes a blur of quills and fur. Before Sonic knows it, he's drilled a hole through the side of a mountain!

Sonic meets Dr. Robotnik after accidentally tunneling into his secret underground lab. Robotnik (before he turns evil) befriends Sonic and lets Sonic visit from time to time to watch experiments. When Robotnik becomes evil, Sonic escapes from the lab, returns to the Green Hill Zone, and tries to warn his friends of the impending planetary disaster.


Physical Characteristics, AbilitiesEdit

Sonic is good-looking, agile, and totally cool. His spiky quills turned blue during an experiment with Robotnik, in which he ran on a treadmill at 760 mph, breaking the speed of sound. Robotnik also gives Sonic the red sneakers that protect his feet from the intense heat of supersonic speed.

When Robotnik turns evil, Sonic refines the tumbling maneuver he learned from Chirps into his famous Super Sonic Spin Attack. He uses the Super Sonic Spin Attack to defeat legions of mechanized warriors, tunnel through walls, and crash Robotnik's spaceships.

Sonic can also swim underwater and jump high into the air. He's particularly good at running 360s and playing pinball in the many traps and mazes the evil Robotnik creates for him.

Sonic's only physical failing is trouble coming to a stop once he's running at supersonic speeds. Also, every once in awhile he moves too fast to keep good balance, and has to struggle to keep from falling when he comes to the edge of a cliff.

Mental AbilitiesEdit

Sonic thinks he's perfect, but he's not! Forest-smart, Sonic is of average intelligence. He has to struggle to figure out the solution to a problem or puzzle. Usually, he relies on his great charm and physical capabilities to pull him out of tight spots. Sonic never analyzes a situation, he just plunges in. He's a Hedgehog of Action.

Attitude, PersonalityEdit

Carefree and radically cool -- that's what Sonic is all about. Nothing deep. That's not to say Sonic is an airhead! When he's not teasing you or playing a joke on you, he's probably the best friend you could ever hope for. He care about his forest pals, delights in coming to their rescue, and has a total lack of fear for his own safety.

Then there's Sonic's Attitude. When he wants something, he goes for it -- 150%. Sonic does not respond well to authority -- he just doesn't have time to listen to someone else tell him what to do. Instead, he'd rather figure it out for himself, or just do what ever needs to be done without thinking about it. He's cocky, independent, self-assured, but never obnoxious or cruel.

One more clue about Sonic's personality -- he's more than a bit vain about his blue spikes. His spikes are always perfect. Sonic's world, slobs finish last.

Likes, DislikesEdit

Sonic loves fast footwork, fast cars (red convertibles), video games -- any thing or any way to move through life at top speed. His favorite diet? Fast food and candy bars -- what else! Sonic loves burgers, tacos, nachos, fries, anything chocolate, and cola. Sonic doesn't eat or drink diet anything -- he needs the calories!

But when he does slow down, there's nothing Sonic likes more than hitting the beach with his friends, watching shapely hedgehogettes stroll by, and catching some rays. That's when he's not exploring new places, playing practical jokes or playing video games.

Patience is not one of Sonic's strong points. When he feels the pace is too slow, he'll cop his trademark "What's the matter with you, dude!" attitude and tap his foot with impatience.

Objectives in LifeEdit

Sonic's objectives in life are to have fun and enjoy the ride! Life is a blast, if you don't stop to think about it -- that sums up Sonic's philosophy. As long as he has his super sonic speed, his sneakers, and his good buddies, Sonic is one cool happy dude.