Installed by Kintobor in his good old days, these PCs provided an information network throughout Mobius -- a public bulletin board service. Anyone with information or ideas leading to the discovery of the Gray Emerald was encouraged to post messages on the bulletin board.

After the terrible accident with the Amazing Transforming Machine and Kintobor (Robotnik), the bulletin board's information was wiped out. In its place, inexplicably, magical objects are now contained in each PC. Technically speaking, we confess that we don't know how or why or by whom these objects were crammed into the PCs. We do know that, by smashing the PCs open, Sonic can release these objects and enjoy their benefits! Objects hidden in the PCs are:

  • Shields which let Sonic keep his rings even when he's attacked
  • One-Ups which give Sonic an extra chance to complete the game
  • Invincibility Boosts which temporarily keep Sonic safe from attack, but not from deadly contraptions